DJI Tello

VR headset compatible
Easy to use
High-quality image processor
Instant footage sharing
Large battery capacity

Main features

DJI Tello is another exciting drone that’s definitely worth a shot. The most appealing part about this drone that is unique to DJI Tello is that it’s compatible with a VR headset. If other drones can give you a first person view on a smartphone, with DJI Tello it would feel like you’re actually flying! Wherever you are, you can always experience the world from exciting new perspectives. DJI Tello has a respectable flight time of 13 minutes, a standard range of 100 meters, and 720p HD transmission with 2 antennas that make the video transmission extra stable.

Portability and Design

Unfortunately, DJI Tello does not feature foldable blades that make travelling so easy. That means that unless you’re willing to risk throwing this drone in a backpack, the use area is somewhat limited. This is a very light drone, weighing a mere 80g, so it’s a bit fragile. It does feature propeller protection in case you were to crash it into a wall, but it seems that you have to be careful with this little drone.

Ease of use

DJI Tello is a proof that a good design combined with software and hardware protections makes the almost-perfect drone. Thanks to its easy controls, you can quickly master this drone. It has automatic take-off and landing function that you can control with a simple tap. There is even an option to Throw&Go – you can start flying by simply tossing DJI Tello into the air. DJI Tello has low battery protection that lets you know when the battery gets low; failsafe protection that helps the drone land safely even if you lost connection; and vision positioning system that facilitates precise hovering. All of these features combined make a fun user-friendly drone!

📸 Value

DJI Tello is not the cheapest drone on the market and for it offers, the price is a bit unjust. It may be fun to use it, especially with the VR headset, but we doubt if DJI Tello would suffice to learn the basics of drone photography.