Stable and clear view
FPV real time transmission
Custom flight course feature
Foldable and compact
Smart controls
User friendly
1080p lens

Main features

Being packed with an abundance of exciting features, Deerc D10 has made it to our top three favorite drones. For such a relatively low price, Deerc offers a lot. It shoots fantastic footage with its built-in high clearance 1080p lens and FPV (First Person View) live transmission gives you a view from up to 100 meters away. You can capture awe-inspiring HD footage and share it to your social media with just one click! Deerc D10 adapts to all experience levels because there are so many useful functions – from altitude holding to speed adjustment.

Portability and Design

A huge perk of Deerc D10 is that it has these convenient foldable blades. Thanks to this feature, you can fold this drone into a compact and portable shape, throw it in your backpack, and record the best memories wherever you are. Foldable blades also help you keep a peace of mind knowing that they are so much less likely to break during transportation. Deerc also adds 4 propeller guards that help protect the blades and improve flight safety. It’s helpful for beginners who are still struggling with navigating their new toy.

Ease of use

Deerc D10 is exceptionally user-friendly. The most striking feature of this little drone is that it has smart control function. You can control this drone with your voice and gravity. For example, you can tell the drone commands like “take off” or “landing” for easy and fun flight. You can even wave your smartphone to the flying direction, which makes navigating this drone even more exciting. Not to forget that Deerc D10 features Tap Fly technology that allows you to draw a flight course on your smartphone. Last but not least, this drone has Gesture Control function. By showing a palm or a V sign to the front camera, D10 will take your picture automatically.

📸 Value

For a drone in this price range, Deerc has all the right features. For a reasonable price you can get a user-friendly drone that is super easy to carry and has all the advanced features. It’s definitely perfect for beginners and more advanced users alike.