2K full HD Wi-Fi camera
Wide angle
Intelligent flight features
Custom flight feature
Foldable blades
230m range and 15 minutes flying time

Main features

Contixo is a pricy little fellow, but it’s definitely worth it. First of all, Contixo has an impressive 2K full HD Wi-Fi camera. Thanks to this, you get to capture the best shots in crisp quality. Built-in adjustable 120-degree wide angle allows you to record live footage from First Person View or Bird’s Eye View, making it an exciting device to use and even more exciting when you see the results. It also has a flying range of 750 feet (228 meters) – more than the majority of other drones of this kind. Additionally, Contixo has a flight time of 15-20 minutes, which is equally impressive. The footage is automatically saved to the Micro SD card in 2K quality, so you can enjoy best-quality pics from unseen angles.

Portability and Design

Contixo’s foldable construction and custom storage case are a perfect combo for portability. Fold the arms and the propellers, put in a case, and you can safely get your Contixo F22 from place to place.

Ease of use

Contixo has very straightforward controls and a lot of features that make your flights easier. It has Tap Fly technology that lets you design your flight path by tapping into multiple points. You can also make the F22 drone fly in a circular motion by setting up a point on the app. This leaves a lot of space for creativity and experimenting – two things that most photographers are after. Contixo also has GPS assisted intelligent flight features. For example, it has a Follow Me function. Essentially it means that the drone will automatically follow the pilot. When the drone loses signal or power, you can press one key to fly back automatically. Altitude hold, headless mode – those are two additional features that will help you fly this drone with confidence.

📸 Value

Contixo is not the cheapest option, but it definitely makes up for it. It has impressive flight range and flying time, it is packed with features that make flying easier, and it’s super easy to carry around. Not to mention that it shoots in 2K full HD camera! If you are willing to spend a little more, then Contixo would be the right choice for you.