720p HD camera
Real time footage
Easy to fly
Custom route mode
100m range
10 minutes fly time
Emergency landing function
Stable flight
Multiple functions
Durable construction

Main features

Our runner-up drone comes from Altair Aerial brand. Loaded with fantastic features, it sure is a lovely option for any drone photography lover out there. Altair Aerial AA108 drone shoots real time with a 720p HD camera. That means you get quite sharp first-person view (FPV). A wide 120-degree angle only adds to the appeal of Altair Aerial. With such angle, you can capture breathtaking shots in birds eye view from your phone. Additionally, this drone has out of range alarm that lets you know when your controller is losing signal of the flying drone. There is also an emergency landing function and low battery alarm that lets the pilot and the drone fly safely. Altair Aerial has a respectable range of 100 meters, and it can fly for up to 10 minutes on a single charge.

Portability and Design

Made from durable plastic, Altair is sturdy enough to withstand less fortunate landings and unexpected crashes. Carefully constructed design gives this drone a stable hover and the device can even land itself when it’s about to run out of battery or it has lost communication with the controller. When it comes to portability, Altair is lightweight, however, you cannot fold it. Foldable drones are ultimately superior when speaking of portability. You can’t easily fit Altair into your pocket and if you put in a backpack, it takes quite a lot of space, and you risk breaking the blades by accident.

Ease of use

The brand says Altair Aerial is suitable for all three flight skill levels (Beginners, Mid-level, Advanced), but we have reason to doubt that advanced users will find this drone fulfilling enough. However, we do agree that Altair makes a perfect learning drone for those just entering this field of drone photography. It also features custom flight mode where you can draw a custom flight line on your mobile phone, and the drone will fly according to that route you just drew. It definitely makes the learning process much easier.

📸 Value

Generally speaking, Altair is a lovely option for those who want to learn the basics of drone photography. Altair has a lot of exciting features and compared to other drones in the market, it is not overpriced. However, this gadget is not entirely travel-friendly as it does not have foldable blades. If you are someone who wants to take your drone on a trip, then maybe you should look elsewhere.